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“How Does This Palm Beach Personal Trainer Help You Melt Away Body Fat, Tone Your Muscles and Tighten Your Stomach…In Just 45 Minutes Per Day-3 Days Per Week?

Palm Beach Personal Training is the Fastest way to Burn Fat, slim down, & Skyrocket your Energy levels Without Spending hours & hours at the gym…

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Dear Friend,

Have you ever stopped to wonder why so many people struggle with achieving their diet and fitness goals?

It’s almost like there is an INVISIBLE FORCE that prevents you from getting the results that you really want for yourself…

If you’ve been having a difficult time getting rid of those extra kilos and found yourself falling further out of shape then this is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT web page you will ever read!

For many people, weight loss and fitness programs are frustrating and hard to maintain…and that’s an absolute shame because working out is supposed to be fun and enjoyable!

When You Think Of Diet And Fitness, Do Any Of These Statements Sound Familiar?

  • “I just can’t seem to get rid of body fat in my trouble areas…”
  • “I feel like the staff at my gym could care less about my progress…”
  • “My Palm Beach personal trainer seems bored and he really doesn’t challenge me… it hardly seems worth the money…”
  • “This diet is HORRIBLE…I’m always hungry and I have ZERO energy…”
  • I don’t like looking in the mirror these days because it makes me uncomfortable…”
  • “I’ll never be in the same type of shape as I was in school…”
  • “I’m always worn out after spending so much time on the cardio equipment…and I never seem to lose any weight…”


There IS a way that you can shed weight fast and maintain a healthy and fit physique, without wearing yourself down or taking dangerous supplements or pills.

In fact, these techniques have been scientifically proven to achieve incredible results in a very short amount of time.

Introducing Dangerously Fit Personal Training in Palm Beach…

Your #1 Weight Loss and Fitness Program – Guaranteed to Help You Burn More Fat and Reveal an Outstanding Physique in Just 45 Minutes Per Day-3 Days Per Week!

dan clay

Dan Clay – Owner of Dangerously Fit

Hi, my name is Dan Clay and I’ve devoted my entire career to helping people change their bodies and live a healthier lifestyle.

In fact, I’ve worked with THOUSANDS of people over the years and developed a program based on my experience and the most powerful techniques of modern cross training.

NOTE: My Palm Beach fitness program is NOT anything like a military boot camp.

There are no Drill Sergeants screaming at you and the workouts are not painful or gruelling.

Instead, I employ Palm Beach personal trainers who are your fitness partners—dedicated to motivating you through goal-oriented planning and positive motivation.

And the workouts are SUPER FUN!

With my fitness team’s help, you’ll be able to stay engaged in the process and see results MUCH FASTER!

At Dangerously Fit Palm Beach, you’ll be able to:

  • Regain your sense of confidence when you look in the mirror
  • TURBOCHARGE your metabolism so you are continuously burning more calories!
  • Finally watch those extra kilos melt away
  • Firm and tone your abs
  • Enjoy the lean and fit version of yourself
  • Enjoy your workouts while still feeling challenged

Here’s Why Dangerously Fit is So Effective…

My Palm Beach cross training program isn’t like any other workout or fitness program that you’ve ever encountered.

My team and I have combined the BEST weight loss and muscle toning exercises from several different sports conditioning and fitness programs.

Optimal results come from a very specific combination of the following:

  • Resistance training
  • High intensity cardio
  • Nutrition
  • Mindset

Together, these four ingredients will strip your body of excess fat while adding definition to your major muscle groups!

In fact, this simple recipe has helped thousands of people – people just like you… get into the best shape of their lives.

See what some of my clients have to say…


And to keep the workouts fun and varied, take a look at some of the exercises that we do…personal trainer palm beach

  • Sandbag training
  • Bodyweight exercises
  • Kettlebell workouts
  • Bodyweight exercises
  • Boxing workouts
  • Olympic ring exercises
  • Medicine ball training
  • Interval training
  • Hill climbs
  • Sprints
  • Circuit training
  • Relays
  • Running groups

You are going to love your workouts—which is a HUGE part of the fitness equation!

Please remember this…

It absolutely DOES NOT matter what your current fitness level is.

Unlike other programs, you’ll never need to think about what your neighbour is doing with his or her workout.

We make sure that you are focused on YOU and YOUR OWN goals!

You can be out of shape or in excellent shape… you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself and make serious progress that you’ll be able to SEE and FEEL quickly!

“Ok Dan, I Get It…Your Program Is Seriously Effective…

…But What Exactly Do I Get When I Sign Up For Dangerously Fit?”

I’m glad you asked. Here are some of the main features you have access to when you register for my Palm Beachgroup fitness program…

  • Online access to some of the BEST personal fitness trainers and fitness professionals in the business…including our nutritionist!
  • My Personal Nutrition Plan – No more guesswork when you eat! I’ve partnered up with Sydney’s leading nutritionist to create a revolutionary fitness program that well help you melt those kilos even without any exercise!
  • Access to every single one of my workouts – With even more Gold Coast locations coming soon!
  • Workouts that you can do at home – These quick—yet seriously effective—workouts will keep you on track even when you can’t make it to one of our Palm Beach workouts.

My PERSONAL Guarantee To You

I want everyone to have a fair shot at achieving his or her fitness goals, which is one reason I’ve put together an offer that you simply can’t refuse. If you decide for any reason that you’re dissatisfied with my program, I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

No questions and no hard feelings!


This gives you the opportunity to try my program with absolutely ZERO risk to you!

You Just Can’t Pass Up On A Fitness Deal Like This…

Most people will spend $600, $700 and even more than $1000 on their fitness in a month…with nothing to show for it! Dangerously Fit in Palm Beach is nowhere CLOSE to this expensive and I GUARANTEE that you’ll see better results, faster.

There’s just no comparing my program with ANYTHING else that you’ll find on the market. That’s one reason why I’ve decided to put together an OUTRAGEOUS deal:

If you sign up today, you can get TWO WEEKS of access to my boot camp and start seeing results NOW…

…for only $1!


That’s right. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you’ll get TWO entire weeks of access to the fitness program that WILL incinerate your body fat, build your confidence, tone your muscles, and SKYROCKET your energy!

However, my classes are filling up fast, so you MUST take advantage of this offer today.

To get started towards building the body that YOU deserve, simply click on the REGISTER NOW button below!

Your fitness partner and friend,

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit
Palm Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland

P.S. That isn’t a typo! I’m giving away exclusive access to my boot camp—the program that is guaranteed to help you get lean, fit, and healthier—for only $1 (but please don’t tell my accountant!).

P.P.S. However, don’t forget that this promotion is for a VERY limited time, so you must act now if you want to take advantage of my TWO-WEEK fitness promotion!

P.P.P.S. Remember… your’e fully backed by my unconditional 100% money back guarantee – what do you have to lose except the unwanted kilos?

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