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From: Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit
Robina, Gold Coast

dan clayDear Friend,

Are you fed up with workout programs that don’t produce the goods?

How about fad diets that leave you drained of energy and hungry all day?

Have you got to the point where you’re just unhappy with your current physique?

Diet and fitness programs can be frustrating when you don’t see the results you were looking for, and this makes it extremely hard to stay motivated.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way…

I know from first-hand experience that it IS possible to get into incredible shape.

In fact, I’ve helped thousands of people do that very thing.

Want to know the secret?

In order to radically change your body, you MUST have a combination of the following key factors…

  • A diet plan that doesn’t drain you of energy and is easy to follow
  • A workout program that combines high-intensity cardio and resistance training… the correct amounts!
  • Someone who can push you to reach your goals and help you stay motivated throughout your fitness journey

Hi, my name is Dan Clay and I’m the owner of Dangerously Fit Personal Training Robina. Over the course of my career, I’ve helped countless people just like you to build the bodies they never believed were possible.

I’ve been involved in the fitness industry for eleven years and I’ve drawn on my knowledge and experience in the industry to create an incredibly effective group personal training program that is FUN and will help you get into amazing shape QUICKLY.

Just take a look at what some of my clients have been saying about Dangerously Fit…

personal trainer broadbeach

I GUARANTEE that Dangerously Fit Boot Camp is More Effective 
than Any Robina Personal Trainers You Have Worked With!

I’d like to take just a second to tell you about my top-class Robina personal trainers. Every single one of them has a track record for helping clients achieve incredible results.

These fitness professionals make exercise FUN, using positive coaching techniques to help you push yourself to reach your goals.

Some people hear the phrase “boot camp” and they picture a military environment where the instructors are aggressive and the workouts are anything but fun.

But that’s not how things work here at our Robina group personal training program in Robina!

Dangerously Fit is designed to be fun and exciting, so you’ll always be having a good time while you’re losing weight and getting into shape!

Dangerously Fit Personal Trainer Robina is Guaranteed 
to Change the Way You Look at Fitness Forever

I am not exaggerating when I say this personal training program can change your life. I see it every single day!

In fact, here are just a few of the benefits that my clients experience from my program:

  • Melt body fat faster than you ever believed possible
  • Feel your muscles become more firm and tone
  • Enjoy and look forward to training
  • Fire up your metabolism so that you burn more calories throughout your day
  • Send your energy levels through the stratosphere

Discover What’s In Store For You At Dangerously Fit…

Dangerously Fit Boot Camp is THE only workout program you need to get into the best shape of your life. I guarantee it!


We combine two extremely effective forms of physical exercise that are designed to burn calories AND transform your body in different ways…

First, we utilize the most effective resistance training exercises….

  • Medicine balls
  • Bodyweight exercises
  • TRX’s
  • Olympic Rings
  • Sandbags
  • Powerbags
  • Equaliser bars
  • Battling ropes
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Barbells

Next, we incorporate high-intensity cardio, which is designed to TURBO CHARGE your metabolism so that you burn more calories even when you aren’t working out!

Some of the cardio workouts include…

  • Relays
  • Hills
  • Stairs
  • Sprints
  • Boxfit
  • Interval training
  • Running groups

…and much more!


No matter what your current level of fitness may be, you’re sure to take your training to the next level with Dangerously Fit.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out with your fitness or if you’ve been training for a long time!

Dangerously Fit is about helping YOU achieve the results YOU want!

See what these Dangerously Fit members have to say…

fb yael
vicki christina

Here’s EXACTLY What You Get When You Sign Up For Dangerously Fit… 

 2 The Most Effective High-Intensity Workouts You Will Find ANYWHERE

  2 Access to ALL of the Dangerously Fit Boot Camp Locations and Times

  2 Workout Plans That You Can Complete At Home On The Days That You Can’t Make It To Boot Camp

  2 100% Unlimited Access to Our Trainers And Nutritionist Online

  2 The Dangerously Fit Optimum Nutrition Plan

I’ve teamed up with the leading nutritionist in Gold Coast to create a powerful diet plan that will help you shed body fat incredibly fast. This diet plan is so comprehensive that you’ll know EXACTLY what you should be eating and when you should eat it!

A Deal That You Can’t Pass Up

Over the years I’ve witnessed every diet and fitness program under the sun. Unfortunately, most of them came up short when it came to results. Combine that with expensive Robina personal trainers who don’t seem to care much about your progress, and it’s easy to see why people get frustrated!

Personal training sessions can EASILY cost you more than $600 per month, and the results are usually mediocre at best!

There’s no question that my program works, and that’s one reason why I’d like to offer you an incredible deal.

For a limited time, I’ll give you 100% access to TWO WEEKS Dangerously Fit…

…for only $1!

That’s less than most people spend on a single bottle of water at the supermarket!

A 100% “No Questions Asked” No Risk Money Back Guarantee

I’m confident you’re going to LOVE what I have to offer with Dangerously Fit and if you sign on for the full program then you will have ZERO risk. Here’s why:

If you aren’t completely satisfied with Dangerously Fit and it doesn’t meet you expectations in ANY way, I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions and no hard feelings!


You literally have nothing to lose but those extra kilos!

You CAN transform you body with the help of my personal trainer Robina fitness program.

HOWEVER, you should know that spots fill up incredibly fast.  If you want to secure your place and claim your TWO-WEEK TRIAL, then you MUST register today…

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Your Robina personal trainer and group training specialist,

Danny Clay
Dangerously Fit
Robina, Gold Coast

P.S. For only $1, I’ll give you 100% UNLIMITED access to two weeks of my program that will help you lose those extra kilos, shed unwanted body fat and rocket your metabolism into the STRATOSPHERE!

P.P.S. Remember…this offer will not be available for very long. If you want to take advantage of the $1 trial, then you MUST register now!

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